Broken dentures emergency repair London

Emergency repair of broken dentures (or cracked dentures)

Your dentures are made of sturdy, inert and biocompatible materials. However, dentures are susceptible to regular wear and tear, can become loose or too tight, crack or even break. If you’ve experienced one of these complications, reach out to our team of dentists and specialists to have your denture fixed and your comfort restored.

How and why does a denture break?

In some instances, dentures can fall out from your mouth or slip from your hand and break. Every time you take your denture out and place it back in your mouth, there is a risk. People drop dentures frequently, and although a denture is made to sustain some trauma, sometimes an inadvertent force may cause it to break. A denture may snap in the middle, suffer a crack, or a part of the denture may also chip. In most cases, when under pressure, a denture will split from the centre into two pieces.

Dentures also fracture due to regular wear and tear. This is a gradual, slow process occurring over time. Dentures that have been used for years undergo periodic stress of daily wear, chewing forces and shifts in temperature when we consume hot or cold foods and liquids. Exposure to acidic food can also wear down a denture. Not cleaning your dentures regularly or not storing them in water when you remove them can also weaken the denture, causing it to break in the long run.

Our jawbones undergo continuous changes, and in some instances, the dentures may stop fitting correctly. It may become too loose or too tight. This can lead to sore gums due to the increased pressure on the denture. Ill fitted dentures can lead to considerable discomfort, wearing them off and leading to breakage.

What happens when a denture breaks or cracks?

Wearing ill-fitted, cracked or broken dentures comes with its own sets of problems. It applies undue stress on the dentures that can cause them to wrap and ultimately shatter. Not only this, but it also puts large forces on your gums and jawbone, which can lead to soreness and pain in the mouth. Wearing cracked and broken dentures, in the long run, can also cause jaw joint disorders, leading to chronic pain and fatigue, making regular activities like chewing and talking an unpleasant experience. 

Broken dentures irritate the gums, leading to inflammation, swelling and trauma. It can be an excruciatingly painful experience even to put the dentures in your mouth. Broken and cracked dentures have rough, jagged edges that tend to traumatise the mouth’s soft tissue and lead to traumatic ulceration on the inside of the cheeks, the roof of your mouth, the tongue causing discomfort and pain. It can significantly impact your nutrition and speech. 

However, you do not need to toss away your broken dentures right now and get a new one. If you notice a crack on your dentures, the fit changes or they break, visit us at our clinic in London. Our outstanding dentists will take a look and, if possible, repair and reline your existing denture. Do not delay getting your denture repaired by our excellent team of dentists and specialists, as any delay can lead to significant problems of the oral cavity and leave you with chronic pain.

Denture Repair Options 

Denture Realigning

In cases of ill-fitting dentures where the denture teeth are still in good condition, our dentists will take your existing dentures and realign them by adding some denture material where needed according to the shape and size of your jawbone.

Denture Rebasing

In cases of significant cracks or breakage, the entire base of the existing denture is replaced to make them stable. This process of replacing the base of the denture is known as rebasing.


Swollen, puffy, and bleeding gums can be a sign of blood cancer like leukaemia. It is essential that you identify the cause of bleeding gums and discuss this with your GP.

Alternative to Dentures

With the advent of new technologies in dental sciences, you now have far more superior alternative to replace your missing teeth. One such aesthetically and functionally excellent alternative is implant-supported dentures.

All-On-4 System

An All-on-4 system of dental implant-supported overdentures provided by our implant specialist dentist is a viable option for our patients in London, lacking all teeth and searching for a more permanent teeth replacement option. Four dental implants are strategically placed in your jawbones, and a temporary denture is added over them. Once the implants heal, a complete dental framework is prepared with ceramic or zirconia crown and fixed over these implants.

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If you are a denture wearer and notice a crack on your denture, do not delay visiting our clinic in London for denture repair and consultation. In cases of broken dentures, please do not throw them right away as they can be repaired and saved for further use. Our team of outstanding dental professionals in London are there to assist you with your dental problems; schedule a visit, or call us if you have any more questions. 

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