Broken dental crown

Broken crown emergency appointment

If your dental crown has become loose or it is broken or cracked, book an emergency dental crown appointment at one of our 4 centrally located clinics in London. We offer first-appointment active treatment and immediate pain relief.

Dental trauma

Wear and tear of dental crowns

Our natural tooth has two parts: the crown, which is seen in the oral cavity and the root, embedded in the jawbone and holding the teeth firmly in their place. Our natural teeth can be subjected to decay or damage, which weakens their structures, compromises their function and aesthetics. Dental crowns are often used to protect damaged and weak teeth. They are fabricated to fit each tooth and help restore the tooth’s size, shape, strength, and function. Dental crowns not only strengthen a weakened tooth but protects it from further damage while also enhancing your smile. Although dental crowns are manufactured from solid and sturdy materials like gold, titanium, base metal alloys, porcelain and zirconia, they are not entirely immune to damage from regular wear and tear.

Reasons You May Have A Loose Dental Crown

Tooth decay 

Dental crowns are not prone to decay; however, the tooth structure underneath them is. In some situations, the tooth with a dental crown can again be affected by dental caries near or below the gumline. This decay can destroy the remaining tooth structure and cause the dental crown to become loose.

Wearing off of dental cement

Crowns are fixed in their place with the help of dental cement. Dental cement is durable and generally do not wear off. However, with time and because of the vicissitudes of the oral environments, the cement may lose its integrity and wear off, causing the crown to become loose and eventually fall out.

Consuming sticky foods

Chewing on sticky, hard candies or food substances put undue pressure on the dental crown and can dislodge it or make it lose. 

Weaken tooth

If the tooth was already damaged enough, it might not be sufficient to hold a crown, making it lose. 

Causes Of Broken Dental Crowns

Improper bite

An improper bite can put undue pressure on your dental crown, causing it to break, fracture or chip.

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding that is Bruxism can apply excessive force on your teeth which can break a dental crown.


Any trauma to the mouth can break or crack a dental crown.

Chewing hard food substances

Chewing on hard food substances can break your crown. Biting on ice cubes or using your teeth to open the cap of a bottle can damage your dental crown. 

Signs and symptoms of broken or loose dental crown

If you experience any of the symptoms, you may have a loose or a damaged crown. Please schedule an appointment with us at one of 4 our clinics in London to correct the loose and damaged dental crown.

  • Loose, wobbling crown.
  • Food getting stuck where the crown meets the gum line. 
  • Damaged crown edges irritate and traumatize the gums leading to inflammation and swelling around the crown.
  • Pain during eating and biting down.
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and liquids.
  • Foul taste and bad breath from coming from your mouth.
  • You are feeling rough, jagged edges when you run your tongue over your dental crown.

In any of the above case, you must schedule an urgent appointment with our dentists to prevent any complications and avoid losing your teeth due to more damage.

What to do when your crown becomes loose?

The first thing you should do if your crown becomes loose or come out is to call us at our clinic in London and schedule an urgent appointment. If your dental crown has come out, save it and bring it with you. If possible, our dentist will repair and fix the existing dental crown in place with dental cement. In instances in which the dental crown cannot be placed, the only option is to discard the old crown and opt for a new one.

What to do if you break your dental crown?

Our dentists will suggest you replace it in cases of a broken or damaged dental crown. Sometimes, if the damage is minor like maybe the ceramic coating is chipped, it can be repaired. Still, in most cases, we will remove the broken dental crown carefully, treat any underlying issue and replace it with a new custom-made crown. 

At our clinic in London, you can now get a new dental crown custom-made for you in a day with our state-of-the-art CEREC 3D milling machine. With CEREC 3D milling machine, our dentists are now able to deliver an aesthetically and functionally superior dental crown made from a single ceramic piece in just one day. Thanks to this technology, you no longer have to wait for days to get your damaged crown replaced; these crowns also have superior strength and are created from a single ceramic block, which matches your remaining tooth structure to provide excellent aesthetics and durability.

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