What happens when you have rotten teeth

Rotten teeth or completely infected and decayed teeth can be a cause of nuisance. When you ignore the initial dental decay of a tooth, it progresses and involves deeper tooth structure. Once the deeper tooth structures are involved, it destroys the tooth’s design, making it weak and may cause a severe toothache. The infection from the rotten teeth progresses to involve the gums and jawbone. In extreme cases, the bacteria from the rotten teeth find a way to enter the bloodstream, thereby infecting the entire body and generating a complex inflammatory response.

Rotten teeth
Symptoms of rotten teeth

Our dentists are highly skilled to treat and manage cases of rotten teeth. We have enlisted some of the signs and symptoms below that suggest that you may have rotten teeth.

  • Brown or black discolouration of the affected tooth or teeth.
  • The tooth structure of rotten teeth will be destroyed. You may notice and feel holes and cavities in your teeth with blackish discolouration.
  • A jagged tooth surface when you run your tongue over the infected teeth.
  • Teeth rot because of infection; once the bacteria have destroyed significant tooth structure, they will start infecting the core of the tooth that is the dental pulp. Once the dental pulp is infected, a painful response is generated. Toothache is a sign to consult our dentist and specialists and get your rotten teeth treated immediately.
  • The toothache intensifies when you lie down.
  • Dental decay weakens the tooth structure; this makes rotten teeth susceptible to fracture even on minimal forces.
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet and sour food and liquids.
  • Consistent pain extends to the jawbone, neck and front of the ear.
  • Facial swelling.
  • The gums around the rotten teeth are generally swollen, tender and appear fiery red.
  • Bad breath, also known as Halitosis.
  • Foul, salty taste in your mouth.
  • Difficulty in completely opening your jaw.
  • Overall discomfort, irritability and fever.
Health complications of rotten teeth

Living with decay and rotten teeth is painful and uncomfortable. Rotten teeth also hamper the appearance of your smile and can put a dent in your self-confidence.

People with rotten teeth generally have compromised eating habits, which affects their nutrition. The bacteria from the rotten teeth can also enter the blood, causing infection of the internal organs such as the heart. If you are already suffering from complex chronic diseases such as diabetes, rotten teeth also affect your progress. Bad oral health puts you at a higher risk of suffering from infective diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal system and generalised health. It can cause life-threatening facial swelling, making it impossible to breathe. Ignoring rotten teeth and delaying dental attention has a significant impact on your overall wellbeing and health.

Our promise to you, our patient

Our excellent and compassionate dentists in London understands the apprehension and anxiety of getting dental treatment. We realise that some of our patients may be extremely nervous and agitated to visit us at our dental clinic. Understanding this, we have made it our aim to provide you with maximum comfort. Our outstanding specialists are highly trained as well as experienced in managing your anxiety with regards to dental treatments. We make sure that the dental procedures prescribed to you happen in a comfortable and blissful environment. All you need to do it voice your concerns to our friendly receptionist when scheduling an appointment. Our dentists will take special care to ensure your dental fears are managed and your treatment is as stress-free as possible. Dental fears and anxiety should never come in the way of you getting the appropriate dental attention you need; contact us now at our dental clinic in London and let our outstanding professionals help you to better oral health.

Treatments for rotten teeth

  • GUM TREATMENT – the first thing our dentist in London will do in perform deep scaling and root planning to get rid of the leading cause of infection.
  • DENTAL FILLING – Our dentist may opt for a conservative dental filling to restore a rotten tooth where it is possible.
  • DENTAL CROWNS – In situations where the tooth structure has been significantly destroyed, our dentists will use a dental crown made of a tooth-coloured material to strengthen the weakened tooth structure and restore your smile.
  • VENEERS – When the front teeth have been involved in dental decay, it ruins the appearance of your smile and can lead to consciousness. In such cases, our dentist will remove the infected part and place a dental veneer to restore the size, shape, colour and function of the tooth. Dental veneers are the most superior cosmetic dental procedures done, and they give the appearance of a natural tooth.
  • ROOT CANAL TREATMENT – Our dentist will opt for root canal treatment in cases where the infection has reached the dental pulp. Root canal treatment is usually followed by a crown to restore the strength, shape and function of the tooth.

EXTRACTIONS – When the infection has destroyed most of the tooth and spread to gums and bone, we have no option but to remove it. The missing tooth is later replaced by a dental bridge or a much superior option, a dental implant.

If you have rotten teeth or experience any of the symptoms, we urge you to call us and schedule an appointment at our clinics in London. Our team of fantastic dental professionals will help you to a better and pain free oral and overall health.

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