Out of hours dental emergencies

Types of endodontic emergencies

Out of hours dental emergency: what to do?

Tooth pain keeping you up at night and causing a disturbance? Or have you recently suffered through a dental trauma, and the bleeding just won’t stop?

To worsen the already difficult situation, you realise its night time for a bank holiday, and every dental clinic near you is shut!

What can you do in such a situation? We aim to provide our patients with best in class oral treatments and understand that dental emergencies don’t wait. Therefore, we provide prompt treatment for all out of hours dental emergencies.

Toothache relief

Often the primary culprit for toothache is dental cavities. Bacteria cause dental cavities in the oral cavity, and once it approaches the dental pulp, the pain becomes unbearable. This pain generally exaggerates during the nighttime and won’t let you sleep. If you are in this situation, you can try taking an over the counter painkiller. Next, do warm salt water gargles and try to use ice on the painful area. However, if none of this works and the pain keeps getting worse, you need to seek the help of a dental professional. Fortunately, at our clinic, we provide treatments for such out of hours dental emergencies. So, for prompt toothache relief, please contact us, and we will schedule an out of hours dental emergency appointment for you.

Broken tooth emergency treatment

A broken tooth can be a result of biting down on a hard object. It can lead to chips and fractures of the teeth, cause pain and even irritate the tongue, gums, and cheeks. In addition, chewing and talking can be unpleasant and painful tasks. This requires the urgent attention of our dentist. At our clinic, you can get treatments for such out-of-hours dental emergencies. Reach out to us if you find yourself or your loved ones in such a situation, and we will schedule an out of hour dental emergency appointment for you.

Dental Trauma emergency treatment

Dental traumas can happen when you suffer a fall or get hit on your face by, let’s say, a football. It can lead to injuries of the gums and even knock out a tooth. First, use a piece of cloth or cotton to control the bleeding. If your have face has swollen, you can gently use cold compression with the help of ice wrapped in a piece of fabric in that area. If the tooth has been knocked out, ensure you put it in a container of cold milk to save its vitality. Next, call us immediately even, and we will schedule an appointment for you even if it’s an out of hour dental emergency.


Impacted tooth emergency treatment

Need out of hours dentist for an impacted tooth emergency treatment? Look no more; schedule an appointment with us today to consult our out of hours dentist and get your emergency taken care of. An impacted wisdom tooth can be a source of great pain if they get infected or suffer from dental decay. In such a situation, it is crucial to get prompt treatment by a licensed dental professional.

Out of hours dental emergencies

Broken wisdom tooth emergency treatment

As with any tooth, a wisdom tooth is also susceptible to decay and damage. In addition, wisdom teeth can suffer trauma or even fracture, especially if dental cavities have already weakened them. This can lead to pain, difficulty in chewing and swallowing and even lead to reduced mouth opening. Untreated and broken wisdom teeth can get more complicated, and the infection may progress to involve the surrounding tissues. Consult our out-of-hours dentist today for a broken wisdom tooth emergency treatment.

Out of hours dental emergencies

Dental crown emergency treatment

Dental crowns can become loose if the cement wears off. If you clench your jaw or grind your teeth, the dental crown can even fracture. Dental crowns are given to protect the weakened tooth after dental treatment, such as root canal treatments. Losing a crown can cause that already undermined tooth to suffer more damage; therefore, it needs emergency treatment. If you are looking for an out of hours dentist for dental crown repair, you can contact and schedule an appointment with us at our dental clinic.

Broken veneer emergency treatment

Veneers are wafer-thin shells placed on the front surface of your tooth to cover discolourations, cracks and rebuild your smile. Although they are sturdy, they can break under heavy forces or even come off. You can now get your broken or loose veneer replaced anytime or day with our out of hours dental appointment.

Dental implant emergency treatment

Dental implants can get infected if proper post-operative care is not taken. It can cause the dental implant to become loose or even come out in certain situations. An infected dental implant can even infect your jawbone and surrounding teeth; hence, it requires the immediate attention of our out-of-hour dentist.

Orthodontic emergency treatment

Do you wear braces? Well, traditional braces consist of metal brackets and wires. These wires can sometimes snap if heavy forces are applied or even if your brush is too hard. The brackets are placed on the teeth with the help of dental cement. When the cement chips or wears off, it can dislodge the bracket. These loose or snapped wires can injure your mouth and halt your orthodontic treatment. With our out-of-hours emergency appointments, you can now get such orthodontic emergencies treated promptly.

If you face an out of hour dental emergency, please contact us, and we will schedule an urgent appointment just for you. In case of any more questions, please call us and our team of marvellous dental professionals will be there to assist you. 

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