Same-day appointment


Same-day appointment

Same-day appointment

Been long since you saw a dentist, and you have some extra time today, or you are facing a dental emergency and need swift treatment? Whatever may cause your dental worry, we are here to help you with our same-day appointment. At our dental clinic, we always have same-day appointment slots for our patients to provide you with the treatment you need, whenever you need it.

We value our patients and understand that dental emergencies don’t see a time before they appear. Furthermore, life can get in the way of you and your dental care. Therefore, we make it a point to provide you with flexible oral health care with same-day appointments. All you need to do is give us a call, and we will schedule an appointment for you at our clinic within a time frame suited to you.

Same-day toothache treatment

Toothaches are crippling! The pain of an infected tooth can start at any point and any day; it makes chewing and even talking difficult. Moreover, it can lead to headaches and make focusing on any task at hand impossible. Toothache requires same-day treatment by our specialist dentist. At our dental clinic, we understand this and provide all our patients will same day toothache treatment. Our dentist will prescribe you antibiotics and painkillers if needed in addition to the treatment. You can call us, and we will arrange a same-day appointment for you so that you can get treatment whenever you require it.

Same-day crown restoration

Have a decayed tooth or need to replace a broken or loose crown the same day? Well, we are here to help you with our same-day crown restoration appointments.

Dental crowns are given to protect a damaged and decayed tooth to restore the size, shape, strength and functionality. However, losing a crown is detrimental to the underlying tooth as it exposes the weakened tooth structure to the oral environment and causes more damage. Therefore, it becomes imperative to seek same-day crown restoration.

Same-day broken veneer treatment

Veneers are thin tooth-coloured shells placed on the tooth’s front surface to cover the discolouration, hide gaps, and restore the shape and size of misshapen teeth. Broken veneers can injure the gums and tongue; moreover, it ruins the smile and predisposes the teeth to sensitivity. If you want to get your broken veneer replaced as soon as possible, schedule a same day broken veneer treatment appointment with us.

Same-day dental trauma treatment

An impact on the facial region causes dental traumas. It can lead to a fracture or, worse, a knocked-out tooth. Furthermore, the injury to the gums can cause profuse bleeding, and the open wound becomes a source of infection. If you are in such a situation, you need to come in for same-day dental trauma treatment. In the meantime, if you have knocked your tooth, collect the tooth and place it in a container of cold milk. Our dentist will try to reimplant knocked tooth immediately; the earlier you reach, the better. If you are bleeding, bite down gently on a piece of cloth or cotton to stop the bleeding. Delaying treatment can lead to tooth loss, and the wound can become infected without proper debridement. Please call us, and we will fix an immediate same-day dental trauma treatment for you at the dental clinic.

Same-day wisdom tooth treatment

Need to get your wisdom tooth removed or treated and have spare time in your hand today? Well, schedule a same day wisdom tooth treatment with us. Our dentist will examine you during your same-day appointment and advise you on appropriate treatment measures to deal with wisdom tooth issues. Be it extraction or performing a restorative procedure, we will provide you with same-day wisdom tooth treatment at our clinic.

Same day orthodontic emergency treatmen-

Although braces are made sturdy, you can suffer from an orthodontic emergency because of a snapped wire or a broken bracket. These loose braces’ parts can poke in your mouth and even lead to injuries. In addition, a bracket is small and may even be ingested. On top of that, it leads to a break in your treatment. You cannot anticipate such emergencies, and it is due to these reasons we offer same day orthodontic emergency treatments to you, our valued patient. Please call us to schedule a same-day appointment at the dental clinic to get all your dental concerns addressed promptly.

Same-day broken denture restorations

Dentures are made of solid materials which do not usually break or wear off. However, dentures can break when they fall. Old dentures can also crack as they are weakened by regular use and strong oral forces. Having a broken denture means you cannot eat properly, your speech is impaired till you get it repaired, and worse, it affects your aesthetics.

However, you don’t have to live without your dentures, even for a day with our same day broken denture repair treatment. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technologies, which allows us to provide you with immediate treatments for broken or cracked dentures.

Whether it is a dental emergency or an overdue dental checkup, you can book a same-day appointment with us at our clinic and seek proper dental care whenever you want. Call us in case you have any questions or would like to know more about our services.

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